What are your weak areas in your English?

If there is one area in English that I want to improve, it is writing skills.We all know how important writing is. We need to write a message across clearly in business or even writing blogs or personal statement in graduate school or just simply write to a friend to express your feelings. If all these are badly written, there is misspelling and incomplete data, which is confusing at time, as the result, I would lose my job or a prospect career, or I would end up a good relationship.

I need to enhance my grammar skills from intermediate to advance. I want to make a good vocabulary because sometimes, I have the tendency to write complicated words. I really have to work on my sentence structures especially bad spellings, incorrect grammar, punctuations and diction.

I write carelessly without worrying about the grammar, so even I know the structures and grammar rules, putting all ideas on paper is a bit complex task to do.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I write a proper opening or I am writing an abrupt ending. Aside from that, I also write complicate sentence structures sometimes it hinders reader’s comprehension.

I am teacher who expects to write journals, essays, and published materials. Also, they expect me to proofread and do revision and edition in my writing classes.  If I don’t improve on this area, I’m not an effective teacher in English. I feel the need to bring my English skills into a more desirable one.

Writing skills is of a great significance for me because this is my bread and butter.

What about yours? What do you need to improve in English and what did you do for your improvement plans?


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  1. seldombites says:

    I am a native English speaker and even I have difficulty with all the acceptions to rules and silent letters and so forth. I shudder to think how hard it must be for non-English speakers to learn it. Kudos to you and good luck to all your students.

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