Communicative Lesson Plan


Other video commercial which is ideal for values integration in teaching English:



Using Mass Media in Teaching English

Prepared by

Maricel Celmar



Lesson: Speaking Clearly Using Transitional Devices


The intermediate or advanced students will be able to:


A. use transitional devices in speaking English.

B. express their thoughts freely.

C. tell a story on what is happening in the commercial/advertisement.

D. make predictions on what will happen next.

E. create their own ending of the story.

F. value relationship.


Materials:  internet resources:







I. Put the following 3 sentence strips up on the pocket chart.


Time Transitions

Shortly after that Meanwhile Soon
Along the way Before long Earlier
After all of that Later on Eventually
An hour later Without delay Immediately
At that very moment At last Next
Later that same day During all of this As soon as
Not a moment too soon While this was happening  




Thought Transitions

Also Furthermore For example
Mainly Because Otherwise
Without warning Even though Suddenly
Which, if I must say so myself


II. Tell students that the transition words on the cards will help them put the sentences in the correct order:


III. Have students select transition strips to make the sentence come to life. For example:

·                                 The puppy shivered / because obviously / it was afraid / even though / Marty spoke in a gentle voice.


IV. Divide the group into three and give them strips of questions: Have them using the transitional devices in expressing their thoughts.

A. What is happening in the commercial? / Tell a story.

B. What do you think will happen next? (After watching the commercial, make predictions)

C. Create your own ending of the story.

V.  Have them watch a short clip or advertisement using this link:

VI. Discuss their answers in each team and consolidate their answers.

VII. Have one representative to present the answers of the group. Make sure they use transitional devices in their simple presentation as following the given sample format:


We’d like to share some thoughts on ____________.

Today, we’d like to talk about________.

Main points

First, let me tell you about_________.

Telling the story using transitions (refer above)


In conclusion,

To conclude,

To summarize,





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