The Worst Reason to Marry

The worst reason to marry is practical reason.  In my life now, I will make sure, I marry the person whom I love. Love is not merely a feeling that most people think. Actually, it is guided by the principles presented in Cor. 13.  In contrast, I am grieving for a friend who married a foreigner to support her financially. She thought that marrying the man whom she didn’t love would save her from poverty. However, in spite of her practical reasons, I don’t see joy in her life. Because of this, I will point out two disadvantages of marrying someone because of his or her wealth and physical attributes. In deed, it is really a risky decision when you marry someone to have a beautiful spouse to be proud of or marry someone to save you from starving. The result is much more painful than you think.

Arranged marriage is getting more popular for some wealthy people. They want to keep their wealth, so they marry in the same élite class. Indeed, marrying someone for practical reasons is not common to poor people who want to be rich, but also, for rich people who want to keep their wealth. In this scenario, they often fight and end up in divorce. Separation is much easier when two people don’t love each other.

Second, I would rather marry for love is beauty. Beauty is fading and soon it will perish. The disadvantage of marrying someone out of physical attributes is you have the tendency to get tempted for illicit relationships. If you love someone, even when her or his beauty fades away, you still love her or him.

I believe strongly that, to have lasting relationship, you must love your partner. If I had married my fiancé for wealth and beauty, I wouldn’t have happy and joyful married life. My friend realized that she must learned to love her husband, so she could follow the principles of love such as, perseverance, trust and faith. In order, to have a lasting relationship, there must love.


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