Saving the Earth!

Why are we bothered about saving the earth? Do you know what is happening now? All of the people are talking about climate change. Are we aware about this?
Why should I even try to produce a presentable speech as such as imaginable topic as this? However, I have realized, I am accountable for the opportunity to make your mind and spirit awake. Ladies and gentlemen, my concern is to dissuade you on saving the earth.

Why should I? Why should I care about saving the earth? After all, it is in my nerves, the blood of being youth who lives in a dream to have a peaceful earth.
I don’t have money but I can save the earth. Money, money, money – this is the reason we experience industrialization, pollution and deforestation. They have greatly increased atmosphere concentration of water vapor and carbon dioxide that lead to greenhouse effect.

Global warming is one of the environment problems that have become the major concern among environmentalists all over the world. It is the warming of earth that caused of so much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Due to human activities, there is a very high concentration of gases that destroy the earth.  As the youth of this land, I expect to have many years to live. I don’t want to be bound with this.

Yes, scientists predict that earth has already undergoing great climate changes we have experienced more severe weather condition. Sometimes, we experience extreme hotness than suddenly an extremely cold weather.In addition, mountain snows are rapidly melting. Coral reefs which are highly sensitive to small changes in water temperature suffered the worst bleaching-or-die off due response to stress.Aside from that, there is an upsurge in the amount of extreme weather events such as wildfires, heatwaves, and strong tropical storm and natural disasters.
Obviously, global warming will change my lifestyle, so why should I put off this truth? I need to do everything to save the earth before it is too late. Why do  we have to be blind about these things? This is an alarming predicament. Let’s stop global warming.

As the youth of this land, I know exactly that my generation  will greatly affected.  But instead of waiting for the adults to help us in stopping climate change, we need to grab the opportunity to help. In my little way, I can spread the message. We will be like, Ex-Vice Pres. Al Gore, who took actions by telling others. We can make global warming as an issue that future teenagers will look back on as this generation’s success story.

Today is my opportunity to spread the word. I can write letters to newspapers, government leaders and businesses. Finally, I can train in leadership to demand myself to be an example and hope of the people. I can pledge to do at least one day, everyday to help fight against global warming.

So, what else can I do?

I can read more about environment. I can plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide, and green house gases from the air. I can save electricity, like turn off the light and appliances if not in use. I can bike or ride buses or walk. I can do recycling. When I do recycle things, I can help save the natural resources. This global warming must have to end.

Finally, because of its harmful effects that lead to manmade disasters worry me about what would happen in the future – for our future generation. Do they have life to live when we don’t care now?  We should have to take this seriously.  We have to discuss about global warming to our family and friends on how we can help to save the earth.

How about you? Why not, you too? You can do also what I can do. We can make a lot of difference today. It’s not too late to save the earth. Save the earth now!


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