Media and its Negative Effects to Children

Debate (SPEECH):Proposition

Media Influence Children’s Violent Behavior

“Remember the faults of the man are pretty evenly distributed among all of us.” I consider that violent media programs are the common mistake made by the man.

Actually, it is obviously happen in our society. Children suffers from the violent behaviour from not only  being abused by adults but also by their classmates and friends. Where do the children learn violent behaviour?

The media includes what we see on TV, movies, video games and the Internet. Comparing with the old days, most of the children have easy access to the media today. They spend most of their time watching TV, movies, playing video games and surfing on the Internet. These kinds of activity produce a popular culture that has an enormous impact on shaping the mental development of young children. In general, children can’t distinguish between right from wrong.

Research effort proves that media violence correlates with the increased acceptance of violent behavior. This is the most important factor contributes youths and social attitude and violence. Huesmann and Eron found the psychological process through which exposing a child to excessive media violence.

First, it is the observational learning which children learns to behave aggressively by imitating. Secondly, it is the attitude change. The more TV a child watches, the more accepting the child becomes of aggressive behavior. Finally, it is the scripts that social behavior controls to a great extent by cognitive script and strategy that have stored in memory. TV shows are the source of such script.

In summary, it seems that the evidences above explain clearly how we misunderstand and ignore the effects of media. It is really our fault when we tolerate such bad effects to influence our children’s behavior. If there is no adequate control of these media, children will be open to learn all the awful information to sink in their tabula rasa reservoir and would have potential to behave exactly what media portray.


What do you think?

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