In the Achievement of Quality Leadership

Have you ever wondered what a real leader is? Have you ever feel being trapped in the leadership of a person. According to the history, self-serving, abusive ruler had dominated, manipulated, and controlled over our lives. The people suffered and oppressed. In fact, we choose the same kind of leaders whom we think are better but later we end up being disappointed. But the question is, are we really concerned about what kind of leaders do we need to have, or are we concerned about what we can do as a members of the society?

First of all, the Philippines is in the top 131 among the countries with 2.5 in the 2007 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. According to this, our country is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, losing billions of pesos each year to anomalous dealings and other graft and corruption practices.

Another study presented by Professor Solita Monsod as she stated “that as a person moves up the educational level, his or her average income also increases”. Given the problems that our public education system has facing,it is not surprising why we continue to have more than 50% of the Filipinos struggle to make both ends meet.

Thus, I believe that good governance is critical if we want to reverse this trend in the hope of becoming more competitive with our Asian neighbors. As youth, we must consider this as vital information. Remember this, a good leader is a member who respects once leadership. Waste no time arguing what a good man is but be one.

Nobody is much concerned than us youth. We can do extra ordinary things to our least privilege brothers in our country. We could make a mark despite of the problems of our country being one of the toils for clear and honest leadership.

But how?

First, list the organizations and training that enhance your skills. Most of the time, these are looking for people who care about their goals and are willing to help out in leadership sales. Moreover,you maybe asked to emcee a program, to chair a committee or to teach a class. Use these opportunities to give help and directions to group of people who need your service.

The benefits you receive are multiple. Aside from developing your speaking skills and organizational skills, you can gain experience to prepare yourself in achieving your goals.

In conclusion, a change that we want to reverse the leadership starts with in us. We, ourselves are leaders of our own lives. Leading ourselves to the right directions is the most challenging part. Youth, wake up! Wake up and stop from idling, dreaming, and waiting for some miracles to happen. We will do it now! Let us put all our youthful spirit together to lead.I strongly believe that we could make Philippines a better nation. 


What do you think?

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