“It is better to stick with what you know than to try out new things.”

Practice Teaching in Science High school
Stunning beauty of iTalk online Teachers... <3<3<3
...at my working station

I partly disagree with the quotation above because you won’t know your ability and you hinder yourself to grow unless you’re placed in a perplexing and unfamiliar task or situation. In my experience in an online teaching, I find that, diving in an unfamiliar thing is quite difficult. Sometimes, it adds on stress when you try something new. However, trying something new is quite challenging but exciting when you can discover learning that helps you to grow as an English teacher. In fact, I stick to what I know in my profession as an English teacher who’s used to teach in the classroom but when the situation calls me to explore the other side of teaching English, I grab the opportunity to teach online.


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  1. maricelmar says:

    Thank you Photog for liking this post.

  2. seldombites says:

    I would definitely say that I believe the exact opposite of that quote. If we never try new things we never discover who we truly are. And think of all the awesome new experiences and wonderful new friends you would miss out on if you stuck with the familiar.

    In fact, if everybody throughout history lived by that statement, we would not have chocolate, or spices, or airplanes, or telephones, or internet, or even fire for that matter. As you say, diving into the unfamiliar is very difficult and can be stressful, but the reward is almost always worth it.

    BTW, I think it is awesome that you are a teacher. Your profession should be held in much higher regard than it is. IMO, you are far more important than lawyers and just as important to our society as doctor.

    1. maricelmar says:

      Thank you so much Seldombites. After I worked for online school for 2 years, I decided to refocus on what exactly my goal is because I have realized if I keep jumping from one working line to another, I won’t reach them. So, now I am applying for public school which aligns me to teach formal education. But, I have no regrets from exploring some new opportunities. Anyway, I learned a lot and I learned many ways to enjoy my craft whether it is online on the side or one to one tutoring or full time classroom teaching. Thanks once again. God bless!

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