Rejection and Love

The past that I wanted to bury down is like a ghost that keeps on hunting me. From the day, I became conscious about life I only heard humiliation despite that I gave my best. More rejection is not going to make much difference. If rejections come, I don’t automatically assume it is my fault. I have several reasons for not doing what they are asking me to do. None of it may have do anything with me. Perhaps, the person is busy or not feeling well, or genuinely not interested  in spending time with me.

Indeed, I have realized that rejections are part of everyday life. Just don’t let them bother you.Furthermore, you should keep reaching out to others. When you begin to receive positive responses, then you are on the right track. It ‘s all a matter of numbers. After all, I count positive responses and forget rejections.

Moreover, we only need appreciation from other people. We want to please them and sometimes they fail our expectations. You may think that, you have suffered too much maybe you want not to suffer anymore. I understand how you feel. That is how I felt when I was in the midst of situation of being rejected by someone you love.

This attitude of mine towards the painful situation are the things I considered when I think past failures, pain and resentments.  I have this feeling to be isolated from myself, so I could understand who I really am and to change the way I think and act.

Regardless of how hard you try to be happy, you always meet problems and sufferings. This is the reality about life. A lot of new information through social media bombard us that sometimes it tests how steadfast our faith in God and our relationship with others. However, problems make us stronger as we go on our life’s journey.

As according to the song of Regine Velasquez’s “You Made me Stronger”:

You’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart
You ended my life and made a better one start
You’ve taught me everything from falling in love
to letting go of a lie
yes you’ve made me stronger, baby, by saying goodbye

This is Aidhen on the right, my sister and her new-found love, Ruben after she was hurt by her ex-boyfriend

There is always good out of goodbye  so, smile because it happens. 🙂


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