Fundamental Attitudes Towards Others

If you ever asked yourself why others behaved rude or unpleasant with you at a given moment, there is a simple answer: your own attitude determined their behavior. I see this every day, when I meet new people I have a lot of anticipation.

Of course, this is normal not to trust the person on the first time you meet. I sometimes think, this person will take advantage of me or will do something harm. I think this is normal because we are living in the unsafe world. Even sometimes we are confronted with relatives who will betray; a best friend who will hurt you; and spouse who will cheat on you. Whom would you trust if you think that these people around you are harmful to you?

No man is an island as most people say. We can’t survive alone especially in the work place. I am a typical shy person. I don’t really start conversation in the office. But sometimes, you don’t know that some people or co-workers attract to your personality. Like… you have in common. These people complete you; this is vital for your survival in the society. I don’t know how to choose people whom to trust but you can trust yourself that you can choose friends who are good like as you are; though sometimes you have differences.

I remember when it was my first time in a graduate school upon entering a room full of strangers, I felt so strange and shy yet excited and initially enthusiastic about meeting new friends.  After a while, if I discover their faults and limitations, I don’t get disappointed. I understand that we are living in imperfections, so even am I, myself. Gradually, I grow in my appreciation of others.

In fact, I don’t expect to like everyone until contrary evidence excludes some. Also, I always guided more by heart on people when I like them and they complement my attitudes. However, some people use their heads and did some cautious scrutiny. A few who will survive will become their friends.

In the mentioned that each of us is a good psychologist when it comes to read others’ attitude and inner & outer power. Even a little boy can see if a peer is stronger than him or not. But not each of us is a good psychologist when it comes to carry out and practice a certain attitude or behavior. You may notice and even be conscious what kind of attitude do you need to get something from others, but you may have problems to carry it out in your daily life.”

Whichever way you are, pray for it. Pray that God will give you good friends a company who are true and sincere. This people will make you happy, help you to grow spiritually and won’t tolerate your bad actions. As according to 1 Corinthians 15:33 in New Living Translation (©2007)”Don’t be fooled by those who say such things, for “bad company corrupts good character.”


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  1. bobbee lopez says:

    The pic. looks familiar

  2. maricelmar says:

    Thank you bob.. courtesy of Bobby L.

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