Journey Towards Success

I have deep emotional investment in these goals. I want to see myself successful. But, what really measures my success? Is it the money I earn? or the awards I received? or Happiness?

My occupation as a teacher who enjoys academic freedom reflects my priorities in life. I spend most of my energy and time for my self-growth, so I can impart the quality lesson.

After all this hardship, I will face death. Death as the last cycle of life and our main goal. The fact that we will leave things behind after we die, makes us worried and afraid.

Nevertheless, I thank God for giving me life. It is an everyday miracle that I can still breathe and I eat. Sometimes, it is good to think that this is our last day on earth because it motivates us to do our task at its excellence for God.

Success is hard to measure. Your success defines of who you are. If your success is money, then you are not contented until you have your car, bank account and new house.
If your success is reward, it will measure the merits you received and promotions.

No one can define success unless you know who is your god whom you want to be pleased – is it yourself, other people or God?

If we did fulfill His promises and follow His will, these give us peace and total happiness. Then, we could say,” God made me who I am and He made me successful in His eyes. At this moment, I can’t say I am successful unless I die and face my judgement.


What do you think?

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