Retrospection: My Life’s Philosophy

Philosophy has always a story to tell. It could be your life or somebody’s life that actually reflects how we understand God, life and ourselves. It means doing the right thing and live happily. But, I always ask myself, how do I live my life? Am I making the best out of it? This is worth thinking about.

Happy memories with Tibor and my siblings from my right, Aidhen, Marne and From the left, Aida and Dionesio

When I think about life, the feeling of repentance and conditional love stimulate on the inside of me. The feeling is so strange that makes me want to have peace, so I pray. Love of God stirs inside that I learn to love myself and others. Sometimes, it is hard to follow righteousness if my philosophy is Him. Test of loyalty and temptation struggle inside.

We can’t argue to people to prove that there is God because He won’t show Himself to them.  But, if you had asked for it, He would give that gift freely. Honestly, I had felt His presence and miracles when I was in Bohol. I had met a lot of miracle and I had felt joyful when I read His words. My faith in Him gave  me confidence. Therefore, why I should question His existence, if He has given me joy and fulfilled His promises.


What do you think?

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