Want to take a vacation on weekend? Spend valuable time with your family? –But,  bombarded with loads and loads of work. Worry no more…Save yourself from stress, sign up now and let Teacher Cel HELP you.


Because here’s the thing: 

I know deep down what you have been through because I am a teacher or an office worker like you, and we’ve shared the same sentiments. Even during my 5 years of the classroom experience, I always wish that someone could help me to finish all the tasks. However, just this year I decided to be a freelance teacher,so I have more time with my two children at home.

Letting go of my loved career was a big decision for me to make, but I have no regrets. My family now can travel all the places around the world because I got more TIME for them. And, if that makes my family happy, so it makes me happy too.

That ultimate happiness is a gift. A gift that I think I have which is my precious TIME. The same TIME I’ve got, which I would love to give to you in offloading your workloads — whether it is learning English, teaching tasks, or administrative jobs. I know I have to bring my help forward because that is the real essence of life. I’m here to create TIME for you, so you can spend the best holidays you deserve.



In two years of teaching English online, it has developed my confidence in using the technology in teaching like video editing and photo editing. Also, I have mastered my typing skills in transcribing our conversation. This makes it easy for you to review the conversations and new vocabulary after the class session. I’m very responsive to your inquiries and well -planned in teaching you because I’m concerned about your learning growth. So, I have a created a program suits your needs or goals whether it is grammar, writing, reading, or speaking,or perhaps you want to pass a TOEFL iBt, IELTs or TOEIC exam.



I FEEL YOU. I know the hard work you have been through –multitasking jobs, tons of ancillary works and deadline assignments. You are not alone. I can be your teacher assistant. I will create an online organizing chart on things you need to prioritize and I will help you to get things done. In this way, instead of calculating grades and typing your reports on weekends, I can do them for you. And depending on your teaching needs, I could further extend my services like checking online papers, editing or proofreading.






Why hiring a teacher to be your virtual assistant? Having a teacher, who is your virtual assistant, possesses a very high standard of professionalism. I have been working in the teaching industry for 7 years; I have come to understand the importance of carrying out my task on time, keeping my standards, confidence and expectations high in maintaining a good relationship with clients – my students and co-employees. Now, that I’m your virtual assistant… I can assure you that I can keep the same professionalism. (1)I will keep you up to date on the task that I have done or finished so far.(2) I will be resourceful if things won’t work out. Of course, finally… (3)I will never hesitate to go beyond the extra mile as long as I could make your business successful. Trust me. All these positive things lie in the heart of a teacher.

Thank you.


I am here to help. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!